Dear Target Audience

I am currently taking a Blogging 101 class through WordPress.  Today’s assignment is to write a post to my target audience.   Hmmmm….  Excellent challenge.  Of course, first I must identify my target audience…  I say I want to write movie reviews, and I do, but at the same time, I know there are a lot of movie reviewers already out there.  I need to figure out what makes me any different.  With my analytical mind, I feel like I see things differently, or break things down differently.  Part of me wanting to start this blog is for me to practice writing to find my voice and see what, if anything, makes me different.

I find it interesting that in this post that I am supposed to be directing at my target audience, I am really just having a conversation with myself.  I guess that says where I am right now, writing for myself…

Who do I really want to write for?  Do I want to focus on film events in Houston with fellow Houstonians as my audience?  I am very interested in Film Festivals and also wouldn’t mind focusing on those.  (I participated in my first Houston Cinema Arts Festival in November and LOVED IT!)  My ultimate goal is to travel around covering the different film festivals each year.  Maybe that should be my focus?  Up and comers?  Behind the scenes?

I am finding it very easy to write this post since I don’t think anyone will read it.  I speaks to the challenge of this assignment.  Write to your audience is harder than writing to yourself.

I need to think about it some more.  I will attempt to write a “real” post later with movie review or whatever it is I figure out I REALLY want to write about.

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  1. MaryG says:

    Are you planning a Star Wars review? The 1977 original was one of my favorite movies ever. (None of the sequels or prequels were ever quite as good.) After reading this article, I wonder if this was due to the skills and heart of Marcia Lucas, of whom I’d never heard until I saw this article:
    Thought you might find it interesting!

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    1. tracyfillip says:

      Thank you so much for sending me this incredible article. It is fascinating. I had never heard of Marcia Lucas before. I love it when the article says, “She kept her husband down to earth and reminded him of the need to have an emotional through-line in the film.” That emotional story line really elevates it above other Sci Fi movies (in my opinion) and gives it a broad appeal to both men and women.
      I did see Star Wars: The Forces Awakens and LOVED it. If you liked the original Star Wars, I’m quite sure you will love it too. It is the perfect combination of nostalgia and fresh story with strong and likable new characters. Daisy Ridley who plays the main character, Rey, is absolutely perfect for the role. The casting director really hit it out of the park with that one! I did not watch the movie with a mind toward reviewing it and some of the details have drifted away. I really feel like I need to see it again before reviewing it – which I hope to do soon! Thanks so much for the comment.

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